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Welcome to IntuitiveReadings.com!  My office is now located in The Ozarks!  If you are around the area and would like to come and visit for an in person reading, please use the contact form listed on the above tab.  I’ll get in contact with you quickly.  I look forward to hearing from you on 12Listen.com or in person. –Carolyn

A wild zebra rider showing her independent spirit en route to join friends at a local party; she’s encountered the mighty dragonfly with the power to briefly bug her zebra. Choose to see your life as moving forward with visible vibrant expression and thought; grab your best memories as you pass over every stimulating second to help you on your life’s daily journey.


Special 30 Minute Reading From Carolyn
Although reading with the cards is not my usual way of doing psychic readings, If you would like me to use my cards for your reading I have created a special pricing and instructions just for the Power Peek readers.

The Link below will give you super low pricing on my 30 minute readings. If you are already a client of 12listen then it’s as easy as clicking the link and making the purchase. The next time you call me you will be automatically granted the special pricing. If you are new to 12listen.comyou will be prompted to set up your free account! Don’t miss this opportunity! CLICK HERE!

Before this special priced reading, be at your computer and call up the web address www.OracleDeck.com , there will be a display of cards turned upside down. Make the call to me, and one by one you’ll turn your card and I’ll interpret a special meaning in regard to your situation or issue! Give it a try, have the cards right there in front of you to study as you receive your special Power Peek reading!
If you call me for a reading outside of this special, I will not use my cards but solely our psychic connection.

Twilight Engagement © 2012 Carolyn Ferris and Moonalice

Twilight Engagement © 2012 Carolyn Ferris and Moonalice