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Greetings to 12Listen and Mark Husson’s Power Peek clients and friends.  This image comes in  appx:  8×10 or 13×17.5 inch Giclee prints.  Price includes shipping. Each week we are offering a discount on the Current Power Peek Image.  If it happens that the Power Peek is showing a different image and this blog was not updated, simply fill in today’s date when ordering and name the current Power Peek Image.  The discount will only be given to the CURRENT Weekly Power Peek Image.  Thanks!!xxxxx

 This is a Square Image, so appx 13 inches or 8 inches!!

DOMESTIC Delivery: Appx: 13×17.5 or 8×10 Archival Giclee
INTERNATIONAL Delivery: Appx: 13×17.5 or 8×10 Archival Giclee
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This mandala is calling on your lower chakras to further open.  You may be working on money, emotional balance, power, and/or love issues.  A mandala is a perfect tool to center yourself.  Ask a question in your mind about healing one or all of these areas.  Get a piece of paper and a pencil.  Then, let the question go, look into the center of this mandala for 10 minutes, sitting quietly.  Then in the next 5 minutes, write as many answers as possible to your question without lifting your pencil from the paper or stopping with the flow of answers, even if it’s a scribble!  Now, notice your genius that already knows the answers!